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Welcome to the Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network!

The Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network is a vital association of commercial real estate and related businesses from this idyllic and prosperous New England shoreline region. Together its members seek to gather and communicate commercial real estate opportunities.

Aside from helping to forge key relationships, our members also regularly meet on the issues that matter to them: improving the region and expanding their horizons.

Starting this year, we ourselves are striving to increase visibility via proactive outreach programs, social media, video, and by increasing member interaction. Bottom line, we want Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network members to be embraced by others...better!

As a member, so can you. JOIN US and begin to share. In fact, we ask that all of you out there visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Become a Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network member today! 

Computronix LLC
Barry Monies

Why Join Us?
The benefits are many!

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