John Mocker

Account Executive
John M. Glover Agency

If you or one of your customers has a question on, problem with, or need for Insurance we can help.  The Insurance Journal ranks the John M. Glover Agency is one of the top 100 agencies in the entire country.  We have been in business 100 years as an Agency and I have 30 years experience as an Agent.  We represent over 3 dozen different Insurance companies including Hartford, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, and Chubb.  The combinations of experience and size allows us to effectively shop for the best combination of price and coverage. 

The John M. Glover Agency has 18 offices in 4 states with the bulk of the offices in Connecticut.  We offer Commercial Insurance, Personal Insurance, Professional Insurance, and Bonding.  If you need coverage for an existing building, new construction, contracting, or Office we can compare quotes from multiple comapnies. 

Because of our size we have our own in-house claims personal to assist with questions or problems.  We also have in-house specialists in Bonding and Financial Services such as Life, Health, and Disablitiy.  

I am a Trumbull resident and have lived there for 16 years.  I grew up in Stamford and also worked there for 10 years after college.  Combine that with 20 years with the John M. Glover Agency in Norwalk makes me very familiar with the needs of customers in Fairfield County.  Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Visit us on:

John M. Glover Agency
29 Haviland Street
Norwalk, CT 06854

Tel.: (203) 956-2423
Fax: (203) 274-9409
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