Membership Benefits
The Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network provides numerous networking opportunities for its members, particularly our business luncheons. Although all our events provide the opportunity to network, these programs emphasize this particular aspect, while also highlighting a specific topic for presentation and/or discussion.
Community Presence
To promote members, as well as our organization's visibility and mission, we participate in a number of annual community events, as well as important issues that matter locally. We also co-sponsor two scholarships for local graduating high school seniors.
Valuable Programming
Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network provides educational and informative seminars and programs throughout the year to build awareness on a myriad of topics, and to keep business and community members abreast of issues and matters affecting their region and business community.
Member Website
Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network provides all members with their member listing management system. Through it, they update their contact info, photos, and bio. We also proudly host our members' only bulletin board service, a great convenience and resource to our members. Additionally, our members' area was designed to reflect today's social media trends...members can post links to their social media feeds. This is crucial to getting found on the net. A fully completed Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network member profile page can be a truly engaging tool!  
While not a prerequisite for membership, the Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network most often recommends members in response to frequent referral requests, and generally encourages Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network members to do the same for one another.
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